30 Day Fitness Challenge

Day 1: Your Fitness Story

I had never been thin. Before I became focused on my health, I’d been stuck in this awkward stage between athletic and overweight; I worked out, but ate like shit. After vacationing in Hawaii and looking back at the photos of myself while we were there, something in my head clicked. I wasn’t healthy. I didn’t feel it and I certainly didn’t look it.
While I wish I could say my fitness journey started then, unfortunately I went through several trials before becoming healthy. My mind wrapped around the idea of “I am fat. I will only be thin if I stop eating.” So I did. It just landed me in the hospital from dehydration and therapy for depression.
After that ordeal, I found out about the Fitblr community. Through my fitblr, I was able to sort through what was healthy and what was not, and what kinds of workouts were right for me. I lost 65 lbs before deciding to ditch the scale. Now I measure my success in dropped jean sizes. I went from a US size 18 to a size 4, and I feel wonderful. It’s been over a year since my last fast food outing, soda, and processed snack. I couldn’t be more happy!

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